Monday, October 30, 2017

31 Amigurumi in October: Day 30

We're almost there! Can you believe it? Tomorrow is the last dolls for this series. My wrists are going to appreciate a brief rest before I run straight into working on making dolls for the holidays and for upcoming show, MagFest!

Today's doll for the 31 Amigurumi in October is the Alola Marowak. I love that they made Marowak into a ghost-type due to the sadness of the Cubone/Marowak story. So sad!!!!

Here's a little snippet from Cubone:

It is called the Lonely Pokémon because of its tendency to keep to itself and avoid social situations, as it was apparently traumatized by the death of its mother. Cubone will often weep at night in mourning of its mother. When Cubone cries, the skull that it wears on its head vibrates and emits "a plaintive and mournful sound." On the night of a full moon, the cries are said to be especially terrible. Cubone seems to recognize its mother in the moon, and so it howls with a particular sadness.

The prompt for today's October Create a Day is "Grim Reaper" and so... here's a Grim Reaper Moon Bun!

Both dolls are available at Moon's Creations.

Now I've got to go listen to today's Lore Podcast! Catch you later alligator!

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