Tuesday, October 17, 2017

31 Amigurumi in October: Day 17

Gosh! Talk about a day. I've been so sleepy lately. I'm hoping it's not the depression creeping back, because yeah... basically if you're my friend I assume you hate me and don't want to be my friend anymore.

Ugh. I'm thinking about getting one of those sun lamps. I'm trying more vitamin D now. We will see how it goes.

The doll for today's 31 Amigurumi in October is Inkay. I kinda love any Pokemon which works with Team Rocket. It was hard making this one, because when I first made the "hat" it looked like a Pope hat. Oops! And now that I've told you this, you're probably thinking the same thing. haha!

The prompt for today's October Create a Day was "coffin." While brainstorming designs, my mind immediately when to Vampire. I've had this little wooden coffin waiting in my basket of supplies and I knew I just had to use it. I went with the more romanticized version of the vampire. A Bella Lugosi styled vampire as it were. It's hard to tell in the photos but he absolutely has fangs.

These dolls are now currently available at Moon's Creations. Wow! We've gotten halfway through the month. Are you enjoying the series so far? Are there any dolls you're still hoping to see?

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