Sunday, October 1, 2017

31 Amigurumi in October: Day 1

I'm back! This is the first year I have returned to making a doll everyday for the month of October since having children. Yikes!

I'm thrilled to present the first doll, Chandelure Moon Bun!

This year, the Moon Buns are dressing up as their favorite Ghost, Psychic, and Dark type Pokemon. Keep watching all month to see if your favorite is featured.

Now, because I have zero self-control and also a high guilt level I decided to take part in the #octobercreateaday challenge on Instagram, where people create a design for every day in the month of October.

(So let me get this right, I'm going to be making 62 unique dolls this month? Oh yeah. Glutton for punishment!)

The first prompt was "ghosts," so here is a Ghost Moon Bun!

Both of these dolls are now available at my shop, Moon's Creations!

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