Friday, May 24, 2013

Snow White and Rose Red Moon Buns

Welcome to a month of Fairy Tales! This month, Moon's Creations will be creating one unique design throughout the month of May. Enjoy this fun series!

Snow White and Rose Red were two sisters who loved each other dearly. Rose Red was outspoken, cheerful, and loved to play outside. Snow White was quiet, shy, and preferred doing housework and reading. One winter night, a bear arrives at their door and requests to warm himself by the fire. They are wary, but allow him in and soon the three become friends. In the morning, he leaves, but returns every night. When summer comes, the bear leaves to guard his treasure. One day, the girls find a dwarf whose beard is stuck in a tree. The girls rescue him by cutting his beard. When he's freed, the dwarf yells at them for cutting his beautiful beard. Similar encounters with the dwarf occur throughout the summer. Then one day, they run into the terrified dwarf, who is being chased by the bear. The dwarf pleads with the bear to eat the girls instead but the bear kills the dwarf with one swipe of his paw. Instantly, the bear turns into a prince. The bear tells the girls how the dwarf had put a spell on him. Snow White marries the prince, and Rose Red marries his brother. Read more about this tale here.

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