Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shitakiri Suzume or The Tongue-Cut Sparrow

Welcome to a month of Fairy Tales! This month, Moon's Creations will be creating one unique design throughout the month of May. Enjoy this fun series!

Shitakiri Suzume, or The Tongue-Cut Sparrow, is a Japanese fairy tale about the rewards of kindness and moderation. In the story, an elderly man rescues a sparrow. His cruel wife cuts the sparrow's tongue with a pair of scissors for eating her food and the sparrow flies away. When the elderly man goes in search for his friend, the sparrow offers him the choice of one large basket or one small basket to take home with him.  The elderly man chooses the smaller basket, as he thinks it will be easier to carry, and upon arriving home discovers it's full of treasure.  His greedy wife goes in search of the sparrow and chooses the large basket, which was filled with monsters.  Read more about this tale here.

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