Thursday, May 9, 2013


Welcome to a month of Fairy Tales! This month, Moon's Creations will be creating one unique design throughout the month of May. Enjoy this fun series! 

O-Jizou-sama, is one of the most loved of all Japanese divinities. His statues are a common sight, especially by roadsides and in graveyards. Traditionally, he is seen as the guardian of children, and in particular, children who died before their parents. 

In Kasajizou, a Japanese fairy tale, Jizou rewards an elderly man and his wife for their kindness, when the man places hats and his own head wrapping on the O-Jizou-sama statues along the road.
  Read more about this tale here.
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(I will likely make a few additional O-Jizou-sama dolls for the shop in the future. As you may or may not know, I suffered much with my fertility and we lost many children over the years. It felt good to make this doll and I hope similar ones will offer comfort for others who have likewise suffered.)

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