Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photos from my life

Working on Moon's Creations, often takes over my life. When I'm trying to enjoy some time off, I get antsy, feeling like I'm wasting my time and should get back to work. The other day, I noticed I don't use my camera unless I'm taking photos of Moon Buns, so I decided to snap a few photos.

This photo doesn't even begin to capture the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This is my girl, Emma. She's a corgi/cattle dog mix..

I love gardening.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my life. Maybe I'll take a few more photos from my life, if I can only get away from those task master bunnies. lol!


Larry said...

Cute pup and a nice highway view photo.I've never been to see those mountains but plan on it.

Moon's Creations said...

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains. They're not as high as most mountains, but watching how they change depending on the weather day to day is magical.

little t jane said...

the blue ridge mountains are breathtaking! hiking the trails of skyline is incredibly refreshing and the views are simply amazing, esp. on those clear blue, crisp days. it always lifts and renews my spirit when we can get out there. i do so concur...*very* magical and peaceful. thanks for sharing a peek!

LoRi said...

your girl is a beauty! I love gardening too even though i don't have a green thumb but i try. Thanks for letting us see a little of your life. :D