Monday, May 25, 2009

New Items and Restocked Items!

Zombie Rot Moon Buns are back in stock!
For all of my zombie lovers and I know so many of you are.

Also classic Zombie Moon Buns are back in stock!

The Radical Rainbow Moon Buns are back with a new addition, Rude Red!
These colorful neon bunnies are inspired by the bright colors of the 80's.

As a new addition, I've added Moon Bun charms!
This is little Tsuki, the Moon's Creations mascot, with a moon charm and an easy to attach strap for zippers, cell phones or whatever you can think of.

Just had to add this photo too. It looks like she's trying to pull the bag.
ehn! ehn!

Take a peak at all the new additions to the shop!


Anonymous said...

The little charm is adorable! I love it!

Chrystel said...

Woa ! i love it !! bravo !