Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kermit at University of Maryland, College Park

In a previous post, I mentioned being an alumni of the University of Maryland, College Park. I'm originally from Maryland, so it wasn't much of a leap to commute to the University. My major in case you were wondering is English, Creative Writing.
The University's mascot is a Diamondback Terrapin turtle. This particular ad campaign came out while I was attending. The little turtle trying to push the ball made me laugh so hard I had to share.

Many of you were interested in seeing the Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson statue at the campus. The University of Maryland Campus is very lovely and I highly encourage you to take a visit, especially in the off season. To get to the statue, take Rte 1 to the Main Entrance at Campus Drive, go "straight" through the circle, and Kermit will be sitting outside of the Student Union on your right hand side.

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