Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 Amigurumi in October - October 21

The Yama-uba, or Mountain Hag, is a female figure, sometimes considered a monster, thought to inhabit mountainous regions. She takes a variety of forms throughout art and folklore, both malevolent and kind. As a monster, the Yama-uba is a cannibal, resembling a hag, who can change her appearance. However, she is also said to have raised the hero Kintaro.


Hello my Moon Bun Darlings,
I wanted to let you know I need to close Moon's Creations from November 1 - November 8th. I have a show coming up and absolutely must concentrate on stocking up. Any pieces from the 31 Amigurumi in October series will be pulled from the shop on November 1st and offered at the show.

Thank you!

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