Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31 Amigurumi in October - October 12

On the island of Okinawa, grown large banyans called gajumaru, which are inhabited by mischievous, fairy-like spirits, called Kijimuna.

The Kijimuna are associated with mysterious fires and are sometimes seen wandering along beaches and riverbanks accompanied by ghostly flames and sometimes try to steal fire from paper lanterns.

Despite being adept fishermen, the Kijimuna are also so absent-minded they often forget they are eating fish and only eat one eye before forgetting about the rest.

Although fond of pranks, Kijimuna are innocent and friendly, often befriending human beings and helping them with their fishing. These human-Kijimuna relationships easily sour, ending with the human driving the Kijimuna away with the one thing it cannot stand, an octopus.

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