Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Custom Order Corner

This great little pair of Yeti Moon Buns were made for a friend who will be getting married this weekend. She drew up the design for the bride and groom!

These great Kitty-gurumi were designed to look like the owner's real cats!
(I've also since realized I have no black cats currently listed in the shop, I'll be sure to remedy this soon!)

The customer like to customize her own Moon Men, but likes the way I add hair, so she will custom order the base with an eye color and hair selection to make her own dolls!

Ok, I'm sure if you've looked at my custom order guidelines, you've seen that I don't like to make a direct character, but sometimes a character just doesn't look right as a Moon Bun. This was the case with Bender. I think he's still pretty cute!

And finally, this cute little pumpkin Moon Bun! I love the goofy faces of jack o' lanterns. Halloween Buns will be appearing in the shop very soon!


Heather said...

Oh! I think the "Bender" has a fantastic charm about him... not so much as bender, but just as a little robot... he's *really* cute

And I can't wait to see your Halloween stuff... are you going to do 31 days of it again?

Moon's Creations said...

I certainly will be. I'm currently working on the designs for October.

Heather said...

Oh good! I looked forward to signing onto blogspot every morning to see what you'd made that day!