Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are you in Seattle?

baby cakes

If you're wandering around Seattle, looking for something to do, why not stop check out Schmancy, at the corner of 2nd and Virginia and next to the historic Moore Hotel.


little monster with a bomb

Well, aside from being a pretty awesome store, Schmancy is currently running a fantastic show called, "Scrumdiddlyumptious," featuring the amazing plush art of super talent, Becky Gould of ScrumptiousDelight fame!

mushroom monster

I'm still blown away that she handcrafts each of these amazing plush and doesn't have a house full of elves working away on them.

spider baby

The show runs from August 13 to September 13th, so what are you waiting for?

PS. Click any of the images to read more about the plush you see here!

Edited to Add:
Many of these fantastic pieces have been uploaded to Schmancy's online store today!
Check it out!

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