Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Kitty-gurumi Contest Winner is...

You guys made this decision so hard, I ended up choosing two kitties!
The first winner is Sweety, owned by Kelly.

According to Kelly, Sweety, whose formal name is Ghost, was from a litter of 6 to Kelly's aunt's cat. All her brothers and sisters were normal little kitties but she was special. Before she opened her eyes Kelly held her and she mewed in a very high pitch voice and clung to Kelly. When she opened her eyes they discovered that she had both a blue eye and a brown eye.

Mystified they wanted to keep Sweety all to ourselves. She came home in a hat, curled up into a ball, sleeping soundly. When they introduced her to the other cats they hissed, but she ignored that and pounced on them anyway - shocking everyone. Come to find out Sweety is deaf. She can't hear anything you say to her but can feel the vibration of your voice when she lays on your chest and her sense of smell is spectacular. He favorite food is plastic so they have to keep it away from her. Sweety now reigns as head of household at Kelly's mother's house still mewing in her high pitched tone when she is hungry.

Kelly won an amigurumi recreation of Sweety. The photo above is that of the version that is available in the Moon's Creations shop.

The second winner for this contest was Emily of Follow the White Rabbit.

This photo of her cat, Lucky, won me over. I loved the look of his bright green eye and that darling little pink tongue!

It was only after I'd contacted Emily, that found out Lucky had two different colored eyes as well.

She had this to say about Lucky, he bites his tongue by accident from time to time. He'll be licking his fur and then get distracted mid lick. He forgets that his tongue is out and keeps it stuck out like that for a few minutes until he remembers to put it back in his mouth again!

Both of his eyes started out green, but his right eye started changing to a rust colour over time. Now he's 14 and his right eye is completely rust coloured. He can see fine out of both eyes - the vets are totally baffled by it!

Emily won an amigurumi version of Lucky and you can purchase him in my shop.

Thank you to everyone who entered in their kitty into the contest. You all have wonderful cats and I really wish I could have made each one of them.

To see all the entries into the Kitty-Gurumi Contest, please visit here.

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