Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Etsy Tip

I always feel rather high-handed giving tips about how to sell on Etsy, but with the nearing of my 1,000th sale, I feel a little more confident in sharing a bit of my experience.

My tip is this, take good photos.
You don't have to take phenomenal photos right out of the starting gate, but try to take good photos and remember, you can always update them.

You can see the first photo was my very first listing for a Fawn Moon Bun. This was taken with a hand-me-down digital camera the size of a paperback novel.

The second photo was my first time using a lightbox. Of course I made it in the dead of winter, when sunlight isn't it's strongest.

The third photo was when I started using props in my photos. Of course why I angled down on the photo I don't know. I had figured out a little about my camera, but certainly not how to focus. (lol!)

The fourth photo is my newest version. I must say I'm rather pleased, although I'll likely be mortified by it in a year's time. More props, More light, Less blur!

Remember when taking your photos for your Etsy listings, this is what people will see first, so try to make it a good experience. Try to offer a variety of angles or size relationships. Use all 5 of those photo spaces. Also show off the back of your creation. I feel, if I'm embarrassed to show any angle of my design, I should be embarrassed to offer it for sale.

Best of Luck!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the great tips!!!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

Well said! You offer excellent advice about photos! Thank you!