Monday, August 31, 2009

The sun wouldn't cooperate this morning

I had planned to share a new artistic piece with everyone.
Sadly, the sun wouldn't come out this morning.

Instead, I have a lovely picture to share with you.

These little Moon Buns are a Bride and Groom set designed to look like the actual Bride and Groom's outfit. It was a custom order for AkumaRaven.
According to her: "that cake is a very important Norwegian tradition (it's called Kransekake), and I was glad I could 'spice it up' a bit."

Thank you for sending in the photo! It always warms my heart to receive photos like this.

1 comment:

FireRaven said...

Its frustrating when the sun doesn't cooperate. I have a three hour window to shoot things, shorter in winter. >_< Have you tried a lightbox? I'm working on one to try and counteract the darkness of the studio.

That is one awesome cake! :D