Friday, June 12, 2009

Things that make me smile

Something that makes me smile are photos of cats wearing hats. Not just cats wearing hats, but cats wearing handmade hats. The fact that someone loves their kitty so much to painstakingly knit up a tiny, little beany only to be rewarded with a face like this:

Or the popular cat response, lovingly called "I'm ignoring you until this hat goes away" look.

Kitty cat hat by Dano

Although, there are those rare and wonderful cats who actually like their hats. They appreciate the love and time their owner put into crafting a jaunty little cap. They even pose for the camera to show off their new berets.

International Cat Hat: Le Mieux by wildtomato

To those cat hat knitter, I tip my cap.
You give me smile when you risk life and kitty dignity to share your wonderful photos.


Gladys said...

My cats would hate me forever if I did that to them. ;>_>

Samaria Project said...

Hehehe, I used to do that to our cat Joe Bob all the time...but mostly when he was asleep on the chair or else he would run off...awww I loved him! He was my baby! *tear*

me said...

I laughed out loud seeing those sweet & patient cats.... I can't imagine our cat letting us perch a hat on her head long enough to snap the picture!!! Bravo!!!

Rachel said...

Here's one of my Ernie wearing a hat -

Moon's Creations said...

Rachel, Ernie looks like an exceptionally patient cat. Great photo!