Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Does Giving = Receiving?

In my experience, the answer is, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
In the early days of Moon's Creations, I created my first Moon Bun to Raise Funds for the CCFA, due to a very dear friend's illness.

To date, I've been able to donated over $200 to the CCFA through the sale of Moon Buns to Raise Funds. Since then, I've added several special Moon Buns to support other noble charities.

The $20 (USD) sale of these Moon Buns goes directly to the charity. I usually lose money on these special bunnies, but it makes me feel good to give back to charities. I love being able to donate my time to make items that people will love and will help others.

The funny thing is, when I send in money to a charity from the sale of Moon Buns to Raise Funds, I always see a spike in regular Moon Bun sales. Sometimes it's a big spike, sometimes it's just a little spike, but there is always a spike.

Is this Karma? Divine Destiny?
Whatever it is, I highly encourage others to consider giving in whatever way they can. By giving of yourself you will always receive, maybe not money, but definitely in good will.

If you would be interested in donating yarn for Moon Buns to Raise Funds, please contact me at
If you'd like me to support a special charity with a Moon Bun, please contact me.

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Til said...

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