Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Simple Things

Over the weekend of wonderful weather, I managed to mangle my hand, so I'm on forced vacation until I heal up. But rather than focus on the negative, let's focus on the positive.

Here are 10 simple things that make me smile:

♥ Starting a new notebook. Mmm, fresh pages.
♥ Sleeping in on clean, line-dried sheets.
♥ Having a plan.
♥ That tingly feeling of awesome after exercising.
♥ Driving with the windows down.
♥ Squeezing the hell out of bread dough.
♥ Foggy Days
♥ Rubbing puppy and kitty bellies.
♥ Reading the newspaper.
♥ Finding spiderwebs in the morning dew.

Ok, now your turn! What are 10 things that make you smile?

1 comment:

Samaria Project said...

1.- overcast days
2. playing in water
3. being outside surrounded by trees and a pretty landscape
4. Ice cream at the end of a hot day
5. Friday night movie date night
6. feeling inspired and ready to take on the world
7. having a great convo with friends and family
8. Pettin sweet pups and kitties
9. hugs from my hubbs
10. Lazy weekend mornings