Friday, December 10, 2010

Moon Buns are still at Schmancy!

While reading Anna's blog, Mochimochi Land, I saw all three sets of Moon Bun Veggie sets are still available! (On the lower-right-hand corner of the above photo from Anna's blog; "Corn?", "Carrots?" and "Cabbage Baby".) I know many of you have requested a custom remake of these items, but the originals are still available!

To purchase these very special Moon Bun pieces, you must contact Kristen from Schmancy.

While your visiting Schmancy's website I though I might also mention that "Larry", the very last Glow-in-the-Dark Mutant Moon Bun is still available! Not only does he glow, but he comes with a limited "radioactive" acrylic tag! This little Cyclops is lonely and in need of a good home.

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out of the frame said...

my stuff is still there too! - I was wondering about that - thanks for putting up the photo :)