Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Traveling with Moon Buns

I've been so busy with custom orders and keeping stocked for the holiday season, I've sorely neglected the blog. Luckily I have a little adventure that I had this past autumn when a Moon Bun stowed away for an adventure at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

For those of you who think taking a Moon Bun as a travel companion, you may want to think again. They can be worse than children with their demands. We started out the day with breakfast. The Moon Bun insisted on having a drink first. After a few sips of mead, this little Moon Bun was ready for a day of adventure.

Luckily the photo of the Moon Bun getting baudy with the serving wench didn't come out. It was quite a sight.

While watching the elephants, he begged me for a ride. But as he had no arms or legs, he was not allowed to ride the elephants.

After making a scene and hollering about riding elephants, we dragged him away towards some lunch. Sadly we passed the pony rides on the way.

Embarrassment ensued when he began to demand a pony ride instead. After much pleading and bargaining, we managed to pull him away from the pony rides with some sweet potato french fries.

Sadly our adventure at the bee hives has also been omitted due to poor photography skills, but you try to take photos of a demanding little bunny, while he's "tasting" all of the honey and hollering about being stung by bees.

Towards the end of the exhaustive day, we thankfully sat down to watch the glass blowers. We had to keep a tight hand on Mr. Moon Bun, because he kept wanting to touch all of the glass.

That was my adventure! I look forward to hearing some of yours!

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