Friday, September 10, 2010

Plush You!

With Plush You! in Seattle, I took my inspiration from my visit last year. Plush You! is held at Schmancy, very close to the amazing Pike Place Market. While browsing this fantastic market, I was thrilled with all of the fresh produce. I thought, how delightful it would be to discover little Moon Buns hiding amongst the vegetables.

This set of 3, includes 2 cute carrots and one little Moon Bun in a carrot costume. The Moon Bun's hood is fully removable.

This is a set of 3 with a snazzy crate. The ears of corn and the Moon Bun are fully removable from their husks.

"Cabbage Baby"
After making the Newborn Moon Buns, everyone wanted to know where Moon Buns come from. Moon Buns are born from cabbages that grown in the land of Moon, so for the show, I absolutely had to make a Newborn Moon Bun in it's little cabbage bed.

I'm so sad that I won't be able to make an appearance at this year's Plush You! show, but I hope everyone who goes will have a fantastic time and take lots of photos.

All of these pieces will be available through Schmancy for the Plush You! show on October 8th!
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Jen said...

Every time I think I'm as broken by your cuteness as I can be, you go and break me more.

catface said...

That cabbage baby is so cute it's ridiculous.

Velma said...

THESE are CUTE!!! I'm giggling over their cuteness!

Sarah Dickson said...

omg they are just all so cute XD i love the sweetcorn one <3

Artista said...

These are so adorable!! I have an idea for you...I was cruising around etsy this afternoon and saw a felted sculpture of a banana split and I thought, "hmm, Moon's creations should do ice cream flavors" You know like chocolate chip or strawberry?

Sophie-Lou-J said...

wow i love yout blog such cool awesome quirky designs and patterns. ive just finnished your sack boy pattern its awesome thanks x when i post it on my blg ill link back to you for sure ! x
thanks again ,
sophie-lou x