Monday, September 13, 2010

Custom Order Corner

Oops! I missed making this weekly post last week, so here we are! These are the pieces I made last week as custom orders.

First, some remakes from my 31 Amigurumi in October series. It's always fun to revisit designs.

Grim Reaper Moon Bun and Vampire Moon Bun

Betelgeuse Moon Bun and Hannibal Lecter Moon Bun

Dr. Salvador Moon Bun

This great little bun is designed to look like a character from the anime Gundam.

Also, I had another customer request a Jiang Shi Moon Bun, sometimes called Chinese Vampires.

This Moon Bun was designed to look like Rhyme from "The World Ends With You"

Expect another custom order corner tomorrow showing of the pieces I made this past week!


Cyberynka said...

Haha, Hannibal Lecter and dr Salvador took my heart ^^ Your blog rocks!

Anonymous said...

The World Ends With You is a video game, right? I've never played it but that Moon Bun is making me want to...