Wednesday, July 14, 2010


New at Moon's Creations, Postcards!

I only have a few designs to begin with, which include this great shot of a censored little Moon Bun showing a bit too much during Mardi Gras.

This very popular Mochi Pounding Moon Bun set is now available in an affordable postcard.

Relive the excitement of the Winter Olympics with this great postcard!

Celebrate happiness with this great image that was also used for the Colors Artbook.

Each postcard is individually hand-stamped with water-proof archival ink and conform to mailing regulations, so you won't have to pay extra postage.


out of the frame said...

nice :) I like them.

Merel said...

I like them I like them I like them!

Anonymous said...

So so cute! What an amazing idea for your Moon Buns!! (I really love the Mardi Gras one too!)