Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Otakon Preview

Many appologies for being so quiet lately. I've been working hard to build up plenty of stock for the Otakon Convention. Here's a little preview of some of my newer designs that will be available.

Mini Kappa
This little Kappa stands just over 2" tall!

Strawberry Moon Bun
I've made this design for a set, but hadn't had the chance to make more. Finally got the opportunity and I'm loving the design.

Thanks to a very good friend of mine, I'm completely in love with the Dr. Who series. I had to make a bit of fan-art in the form of these fantastic monsters.

Paopu Fruit
These cute little star-shaped fruit were a challenge to design, but I'm loving the finished piece. I may start offering stars in the shop!

Onigiri and Sakura Mochi
In an attempt to keep learning new techniques, I created these fantastic little handful-sized onigiri. I love the little blushie cheeks.


out of the frame said...

the strawberry moon bun is my favourite :)

daisyfleur said...

I love strawberry moon bun! Those daleks are fab too!
Great designs - well done ;o)

Lipeony said...

totally cute! Gotta stop by your table and say hi!

Chinda-chan said...

OMG, I love that Sakura Mochi! *-*