Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet Duncan

Last week, I rescued this little guy. He was trapped in a deep window well at my day job.

It was a good thing he was found, because the following week was filled with icy conditions and flood-inducing rain.

I had waited on introducing him, because we were looking for an owner, hoping he hadn't been abandoned. However with all the weather of last week and not a peep, I think is safe to say Ducan has a new home.

Sorry for the lousy photo, I snapped this in the morning, as he was having breakfast. Aww, sleepy Duncan!


Terra said...

Awwww! He looks EXACTLY like my rabbit, Fran. It would be nice if you could keep us updated on how he's doing :)

... Babsie said...

poor Duncan, but now he has a good home I think and a nice life. He is wonderful. I like rabbits very much. My little rabbit girl "Lara" was very ill and now she is in the rabbit heaven. I hope she like it there.
Have a nice time with Duncan.
Best wishes from Germany

Jessie Mae said...

He's adorable! How great that you found each other.

Heather said...

Poor Duncan!

He looks so happy now though!

It's a very wonderful thing you did.

Lisa said...

Awww! Duncan is so cute!

inkandsieve said...

He's adorable! Good thing you rescued him when you did!

Red said...

That's so wonderful! What a lovely gift to give him, a life of warmth and lots of alfalfa hay!

I had a pet bunny when I was little and adored him. They can be quite the characters! Enjoy him!

craftyshanna said...

What a cutie! Bunnies make awesome pets, as long as you don't mind the occasional chewed item. ;)

Jen said...

Sounds like you two were meant for each other :)

Now what about a Duncan MoonBun? :D

LoRi said...

AWWWW.... he is adorable! I'm glad he found a sweet home!

Shanny said...

I'd take him in if we lived in the same country. I love the little bunns. I have 6 rescues myself right now (and what's one more head to scratch?).

Keep us up on how he's doing!