Monday, July 13, 2009

Otakon Preview

Just a sneak preview of what I'll be carrying at Otakon in Baltimore, on July 17 - 19th, aside from Moon Buns






I'll be in the Otakon Artist Alley at table U10. I hope to see several of you there!


Anonymous said...

They are really cute! I was so surprised to see legs on them! I just love the mystery of the Moon buns without limbs.

Vin and Jess said...

Moons your stuff is SO CUTE!! You are just full of all sorts of amazingness :)

Anonymous said...

Those are AMAZING! Do you think you'll put any in your shop sometime?

Moon's Creations said...

Anything that's left over from the convention will be listed for sale in my shop.

It's my hope that I can make more of them in the near future.

Hel said...

Really sweet, I love the elephants the best.

x hel x