Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kitty-gurumi Contest

Moon's Creations will be releasing a new Kitty design in September!
These new designs are created to look more like real kitties; mimicking their stripes and spot patterns.

To celebrate this new design, I'm holding a contest!
The winner of the contest will have their kitty recreated as an amigurumi design. They will receive a free amigurumi based on their kitty and their Kitty-gurumi will be offered as a regular item in the Moon's Creations Etsy store for purchase!

Anyone can enter the contest! To enter your kitty in the Kitty-gurumi contest, add a photo to the Kitty-gurumi Flickr pool. Please one kitty per person. You can upload more than one photo of your kitty, but please only one kitty. Entries must be in by August 21st.

The winner will be announced on September 1st!
Good Luck!


Absolutely Small said...

Awesome! I'd totally enter...but I don't have a kitty. ^-^

Alisha said...

Soo Cute !! I don't have a kitty very allergic.

Holkie said...

I just entered a photo. And realized that I posted as Holkie, when I'm tod_hollykim on Live Journal!

Oh, well, if Bruce is picked, I guess it will get to me.

cutedesigns said...

Yay, I just entered a piccie of one of my cats - felt so hard only choosing one though.

Stitch 'n Frog said...

What a great contest! I've just added five photos of my Lady Liu, one of our two rescue-kitties.
She is especially darling in personality and traits. A very loving cat~
Thanks for the contest, and thanks to everyone who has added photos of their cats. I haven't seen one yet that isn't a winner!

Barbara Prime said...

I added my kitty, Mila. Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

HT said...

I've uploaded my pictures. One of my pictures is of 2 cats, but I'm just entering the one that is in the other two pictures.

Unknown said...

No problem! It's hard to get the kitties to stay separate. :)

Amoena said...

Too bad I only have a dog:P