Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tagged: 7 Random Facts

I'm so sorry, I keep forgetting to post my response to a blog tag.
I was tagged by the lovely Whimsy Patch ( and here are my 7 Random Facts about me. These aren't so random, because I figured I'd try to answer things based on my craft. :)

1. I learned how to crochet at a young age, but nothing more than a chain.

2. Although my store is filled crocheted items, I'm a very skilled knitter and adore knitting lace items. I'd consider myself a knitter more than a "hooker."

3. The original Moon Bun design was created out of my necessity to make Holiday Gifts. I was poor and out of work, but wanted to give gifts to my friends.

4. My very first Amigurumi piece was made in November of 2006.

5. This is more of a pet peeve, but I can't stand to see the stuffing through an amigurumi's fabric. For this reason, I use very small hook sizes and a very tight tension. You'll never see my amigurumi's insides hanging out. lol!

6. One of my greatest influences and muses has been Alison of Pepperberry Crochet ( She's really helped me come into my own designs and trust my gut feeling over what others might say.

7. I only crochet with hooks made by Resplendent Creations ( or in a pinch, Susan Bates hooks. Although I definitely prefer the wooden hooks. They're a treasure.


pepperberry said...

You are so sweet!!!! :)

Moon's Creations said...

♥ You've always been so kind to me. Thank you!