Saturday, September 8, 2007

I didn't forget!

I've just been exteremely busy wth house hunting. I just can't find what I'm looking for. Of course I really can't afford what I 'd like, but that's enough about my personal life, let's get on to the amigurumi!

This was for a contest with Deviant Art's Cute Craft club. The theme is junk food. I'm sorta on a diet and at the tme couldn't think of anythng I craved more than french fries. It was a crazy thought that made me think of the unhappy burnt fry. But I think that fry is my favorite. So sad. Nobody loves the burnt fry.

This was for Cute Craft's theme: Back to School. It's named, Mr. Pencil Loves Miss Paper. The idea being that in this tech filled world, it's important to remember to use pencil and paper now and again. This piece was one of my favorites.

This is P.T. Stitchy, the mascot from Plush Team on Etsy. He's supposed to be a bear, but I don't think I quite captured bear wth with him. *sigh* I did have a lot of fun trying out something new and will definitely make another Stitchy in the future.

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