Monday, August 13, 2007

Forest Moon Buns!

Here they are! My pretty maids all in a row. I call them Forest Moon Buns, because they make me think of Moon Buns wandering through the forest.
I love the way they turned out, but I'm just not a brain for color coordination. I actually turned to my husband several times for color help.
My only sadness is how long it takes me to make them.
They are available now at


Nikki said...

These are very cute! I'll have to check out your store on etsy.

shop said...
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Anna said...

Aw they are darling!!

Moon's Creations said...

Thank you so much anna! I'm such a fan of your blog and website.

Anonymous said...

They're adorable! I love the hood touch ups :)
How long did it take you? o: