Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Adventure Zone

Hail and well met, my dudes!

Ok, here's a special promo I'm offering to my Adventure Zone family.

I make voidfish and hand them out at conventions I attend. It's fun for me and I get to meet some amazing people and peep the best cosplay!

But I've had people contact me about their own voidfish and I'm sad to say, they are not for sale. I respect and appreciate the McElroy Family. I don't want to steal money from them, I just want to spread the love of their podcast in my own small way.


I've come to a decision. If you order something from my shop, write in the comments as you check out that you'd like a voidfish. BAM! Just like that, a voidfish will take a ride with your order.

Now, I know that sounds unfair to those of you who don't have money or want to order one of my dolls. I get that. I totally do and I realize it would be rather toad-ish of me to make you buy something to get something for free when I just said I don't want to profit from the McElroy brand.


I've decided I will be making 5 voidfish available at the beginning of each month FREE, no money required, to the first 5 people who reply to my post on twitter.

Twitter because it's just easier and more timely than putting it on this blog. (sorry blog, I love you!)

Ok, so here's how to get a voidfish without all the blabbing from me:

1. Buy something from Moon's Creations and write voidfish in the notes when you check out.

2. Wait for a Tweet by me on the first of the month and be one of the first 5 to reply.

See! Simple! Now talk to me about The Adventure Zone!

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