Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's a pony weekend!

 This weekend, I thought I'd make some ponies! I haven't made any in a while and to be honest I've been watching a little too much My Little Pony lately. 

I wish they'd release the old series. I remember the episodes always seemed to be two-parters and I only got to watch them when I was home from school, so I always missed the continuation. 

 I'm especially excited about this little unicorn pony. Rainbow hair!!! *swoon*


Shanny said...

You can get the first season!

I bought it in anticipation of watching them with my daughter.

Super cute ponies!!

Velma said...

these are too cute! My daughter loves the new series of My Little Pony so we watch A LOT of that too!!!

Arte Friki said...

Lovely! ♥

Kieli_Heart said...

I LOVE these ponies! I see the unicorn ran out quickly xD They came out adorable though ♥

And I agree, I love the original MLP! I have the first season but I have yet to see the other seasons :(

~ Kieli ~

Andreanna Glamasaurus said...

I love the rainbow one too!