Friday, May 18, 2012

New! New! New!

There are lots of new items arriving at Moon's Creations!

The first is a bit of a joke, because it's the Not a Bunny Market Bag. I've been using these bags for myself for over year, but every grocery day, so one tries to buy my bags. Now they are in the shop. I hope to add a variety of new colors soon, but they do take a while to make, so it will be slow going.

If you've seen me at any shows in the past year, you may recognize these little moss balls. If not, well I've been hiding these Marimo, because honestly I love them! They are fuzzy and sweet. 

Also new to the shop including Strawberries and Strawberry Moon Buns! So cute, but they make me want to eat strawberries. I think I have a few in the fridge calling my name. haha!

I hope to add a few more items to the shop next week. Have a great weekend!


Angeles Amat said...

Oww, those moss balls are really adorable, and I loved the bags also.

Kieli_Heart said...

What a cute idea! Little moss thingies and the Strawberries! I love them! ♥

~ Kieli ~