Thursday, November 10, 2011

New! New! New!

Oh my goodness! So many new designs will be flooding Moon's Creations this month!

Today, I'm releasing three new designs!

First is the October's Moon Bun of the Month Club's India Moon Bun!
She's a little late for Diwali, but there was a terrible accident while I was working on these, which just reminds me that a tidy Bunny Mines is a less accident prone Bunny Mines. Although I'm very happy with her final design. So cute!


Next are these darling woodland themed ornaments. Tiny acorns and toadstool mushrooms. so fun to have holiday decorations!

Please expect more darling new designs. I hope you will love them all!

1 comment:

Auradell said...

I love the little mushrooms :) Nice meeting you at Nekocon! Hope to see you again in the future.