Saturday, July 23, 2011

Otakon Preview

While bringing many traditional designs to Otakon, I'll also have a number of newer designs that I have yet to share with you. Here is a preview of what Moon's Creations will offer:

 Baby Birds!
They are back an better than ever! These will be available in the shop after the show!

 Nyan Cat Wristlet!
I've always wanted to make wristlets, and when I saw Nyan Cat, I just had to try it out. 


 Redesigned Moon Men!
The Moon Men have received a face-lift and ready for you to customize. 

 After making a Corn Moon Bun, why not a Banana Moon Bun? 
This little Moon Bun and Nanner are fully removable from their peels. 

 Fans of Futurama, may recognize this little Brain Slug!

 I've incorporated a hair clip for easy attachment, so you too can become a slave to the Brain Slugs!

 Truth be told, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who. So I had to make some Daleks!
Here are a few traditional Daleks!

I also made a few new Daleks from Season 5!

If time permits, I'll share some more photos of new items that will be available at Otakon!


Ryleh said...

I love the banana moon buns! I hope they make it to the shop. Such cute awesome designs.

Ryleh said...

Loving the banana moon buns! Hope they make it to the shop... awesome designs.

StitchPlease said...

Everything looks so amazing! I can't wait for next weekend! ^.^

StitchPlease said...

Everything looks amazing! I can't wait to see these in person next weekend. ^.^

youngmi said...

oh the brain slug is so cute! i wouldn't mind carrying the little guy on my head :)