Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ball-joint Dolls and Moon Buns

 Those who have popped by my flickr account, may have noticed I collect Ball-Joint Dolls. The baby-sized Moon Buns were made specifically because I wanted my dolls to have their own Moon Buns. 

Sometimes my dolls find their ways into photo shoots like these:

For Facebook users, I just noticed there is a counter on the Moon's Creations' Facebook Fanpage. If we're able to get 500 people to like the page, we'll have a special sale!


♫♥ CaroL ♥♫ said...

Oh, are those a Pukifee Luna white skin and a Pukipuki Darjeeling?
I love Fairyland's BJD. I have some of them, too ^_^
These are my blogs
Sweet Faery Doll
Sweet Faery Creations

M Bridges said...

Hi Carol!

Yes! I have a Pukifee Luna, but it's a Pukipuki Madeleine ( She's my favorite Pukipuki. (I have 2!)

I haven't had a chance to play with my girls in years since the birth of my son, which makes me so sad, because I too love them so. I have most of my photos here:

I have mostly Lati, but I was hoping to get more fairyland... one day...