Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Custom Order Corner

Still working on holiday custom order catch-up, here are a few more designs that were made over the winter holidays!

Green Lantern and Flash Moon Buns

Nutcracker Moon Bun

Cinderella Moon Bun

Huggable Alien with Scarf


Velma said...

I love the green lantern and flash! they are super cute!!

Auradell said...

Cute! Are you going back to Comicon this year? Because I will actually be able to go back to my lovely home town this summer and was hoping to finally buy something from you ^_^ Hope to see you there (I know it's not for a while)

Moon's Creations said...

Hello Auradell,

I am not signed up at this time to take part in any Comic Con. Which are you referring to and I'll certainly look into it.