Monday, January 24, 2011

Contest Time!

To celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Moon's Creations this March, I have decided to hold the biggest contests yet! And because I couldn't decide on just one contest, you have two chances to win!

Contest 1
Moon Bun Photo Shoot Contest
It's time to show off your creativity! Take an amazing, or unique, or amazingly unique photo of your Moon Buns and submit them to the Moon Bun Lover's Flickr group.

Contest 2
Customized Moon Bun Contest
When I first conceived the idea of Moon Buns, I always saw them as customizable dolls, similar to the ball-joint dolls of Japan. If you're a modifier, now is your time to shine! Take a photo of your customized Moon Bun and submit it to the Moon Bun Lover's Flickr group.

There will be one grand prize winner for each contest. The winners will receive an awesome Moon Bun prize pack, including a Moon Bun tote bag full of Moon Bun goodies!

How to enter:
• Entries must be received by 11:59:59PM (ET) on March 1, 2011.
• Entries must be uploaded to the Moon Bun Lovers Flickr group. If you don’t have a Flickr account, it is free and easy to register.
• Entries must be made for this contest, either "Photo shoot" or "Customization" contest, not both;
• Entries must include at least one official Moon's Creations Moon Bun;
• No manipulation of official Moon's Creations images or artist's photos that do not belong to the entry owner will be accepted;
• No purchase necessary;
• You may submit more than one entry, only one entry per person will be eligible to win;
• Other requirements and restrictions apply, please read the Official Rules carefully (also posted here.);


Erika M. said...

Haha! For both of these contests, you have to own a moon bun in order to join.

Moon's Creations said...

That's correct Erika, because it is a Moon Bun contest.

However you are not required to buy a Moon Bun. Some people have Moon Buns from trades, gifts and as prizes. You also don't have to own the Moon Bun, ie you may have borrowed it from someone.

Diana Y. Chen said...

ahhh photo contest hooray!!

I'm not terribly creative though..... hm.........

Is there a limit to how many entries we post?

Moon's Creations said...

Hi Diana,

There is no limit to the number of entries can submit.