Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

The Crumpled Paper that is my Life by Miami Cyn

There is nothing better than balling it up a piece of paper (maybe containing a regrettable love letter from middle school or a sketch that just looks ridiculous) and tossing it away. It's renewing! With this simple act, I feel like I've totally destroyed the past mistakes and am filled with a sense of new beginnings.

For two years, I haven't had the opportunity to take part in my person catharsis. Due to one little culprit, Winston.

If you've followed this blog, you may have seen a photo or two of Winston appear. He is my darling little rescue with a personality of pure naughty and sweetness. An orange and white devil with a love for me and all things paper.

it offends him by mooncalfness

To keep him from marauding our recycling bin, we must place all papers flat. Even a folded sheet of paper becomes kitty gold. However today, I risked it! I balled up a piece of paper and tossed it into the bin.
Hooray for new beginnings!

Please note, five minutes later, I had to chase him through the house to retrieve the paper ball, but it was worth it.


ArtTales said...

hehehe paper is a sacred thing that must be laid on your batted around for hours, but never, ever thrown away. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! I've got a kitty that does the same thing except with - (gross out alert) - balled up kleenexes! ;D