Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Schmancy Exclusive

These special edition Mutant Moon Buns are limited to series of 3 of each design and will be sold exclusively through Schmancy starting on May 19th. These are a very limited series and once they are gone, will be gone forever.

Each Bun comes with a special acrylic Mutant Moon Bun charm and did I mention these Moon Buns glow in the dark?

Edited to Add:

Moon's Creations has received a very kind write up by Wild Blueberry.
Take a minute to read it if you have the time.


Soph said...

Aww they are so cute!! And they glow in the dark :D!! Cool!

out of the frame said...

he he they're awesome. My favourite is the yellow one :)

Cara said...

D'oh! I wanted an octobunny, but I think they're all gone.

Good for you, though! :D