Monday, March 8, 2010

Think Green

Green as in Shamrocks!

These cheeky little pranksters are back in the Moon's Creations shop!
Leprechaun Moon Buns hide their ears under a shamrock topped hat.

Treat a Leprechaun Moon Bun well and you're sure to have luck, but be sure they have plenty to keep them occupied. A bored Leprechaun Moon Bun is a mischievous Moon Bun.

Also new to the shop is the F*X*T Moon Bun.
This is a special, limited Moon Bun, available only through April 20th or they sell out. There are only 10 available. It is designed to raise money in order to help launch the FIXIT Magazine.

FIXIT Magazine is a new publication aimed to give lesser known comic artists and illustrators a chance to shine in print.

To learn more information about FIXIT magazine or to donate directly and help make this magazine a reality, please visit the site:

1 comment:

planetjune said...

Aww, I love the tiny pencil on the F*X*T Moon Bun!