Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Moon Buns have been spotted!

Those Moon Buns have really been getting around lately!

They've been spotted hanging out with the super, cool bunnies of Amu's World.
So cute! I love this photo!

They've also made an appearance at Sweet Galaxy's blog!
Sweet Galaxy wrote an adorable article called "I'm dreeeeaming of a whiiiiiiite Chriiiiistmaaaas..." featuring the Moon Buns!

Over at daisyfleur, Angel Moon Buns have been featured as a bunny stocking stuffer along with some other really great bunny pieces!

For not having little legs, those Moon Buns sure get around!

Thank you for all of the features!
It makes me so happy to know so many enjoy my work!


brian said...

Yeah, the Bunny Peeps are, erm, "taking care of" the innocent little moon bun. We're hoping he has a resistance to peep pressure.

Steffi said...

They sure have to travel the world...soooo cute they are. :)

daisyfleur said...

We couldn't resist them!
Thanks for the link ;o)

Anonymous said...

And I just spotted one on Etsy's front page here, http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/hooked-for-the-holidays-with-crochet-today-6174/