Monday, March 16, 2009

New and Redesigned!

Finally available!
100% Wool Moon Buns.
These little Moon Buns (3.5" tall) are crafted from environmentally friendly wool in 5 colors.
(L to R: Dusk, Peanut, Fog, Nutmeg and Marshmallow)

Expect to see them joining the shop soon!

New! Moon Buns to Raise Funds
The Moon Buns to Raise Funds have been switched to White Moon Buns wearing designated ribbon colors to match their charity.

Because I want my art to make a difference, I have several "Moon Buns to Raise Funds." These are higher priced bunnies where 100% of the purchased price is donated to a specific charity.

Please check out the wonderful charities you can donate to by purchasing one of these Moon Buns.

I accept donations of yarn to make Moon Buns to Raise Funds. If you'd like to donate yarn, please contact me. I accept white worsted yarns and any variety of ribbon.

If you'd like me to add a charity, please contact me.

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