Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to Japan

Hello Mina-san! I've just taken off on my flight to Japan. Look at all those clouds and sun. Beautiful. But such a long flight!
On All Nippon Airlines, they give you delicious snacks and beverages during the flight. Yummy!
San-san decided to start a journal of our adventures on her fancy electronic dictionary!
Figuring out Japanese money was really hard at the beginning.

My first morning in Japan! I wonder what I'll see?


taillow said...

AWWWW, so adorable!! Now where is San-san's blog, hmmm?

Samaria Project said...

TAG!!! Miss moons you have officially been tagged by me! check out my blog for details!

p.s. such cute moonbun pics! Are you having a blast?!

Melissa Sue said...