Friday, January 2, 2015

Made to Order

Over the month of January, new “Made to Order” listings will be appearing at Moon’s Creations. These are designs which I have made in the past.

Previously, I have kept a large stock of dolls on hand. This has become a huge time sink for me as I’ve increased my inventory. Spending so much of my time restocking dolls, which may or may not sell, has kept me from stocking fun designs I have wished to revisit. I want to change this in the new year.

Productivity will greatly benefit from this change, because I’ll have more time to devote on dolls people truly want and not dolls I think people will like. In addition, this move will free up studio time to create entirely new dolls.

“Made to Order” dolls will take 1 to 2 weeks to ship. Because these dolls will be made as they are ordered, I will be able to offer small custom  changes, such as yarn color. Orders placed containing stock and “Made to Order” items will ship together to save on shipping fees.

Here’s to a fantastic New Year and lots of new Moon Buns!
Bunny Hugs!