Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pink Moon Buns!

New to the shop! 
Basic Moon Buns in a variety of pinks! 
I've been working to slowly incorporate a larger variety of basic Moon Bun colors to suit everyone's desires and I thought what better color to bring into the shop for Valentine's Day. :D


In the Bunny Mines, I've finally turned the corner in my pregnancy and entered the wonderful second trimester. I finally feel like I have some energy and I'm trying to take full advantage. We were in a car accident with a deer on our way home from visiting family a few weeks ago. Luckily, everyone is healthy, including our two dogs. 
But now I'm in the horror stages of looking for a used car. Nightmares! I absolutely hate cars and only look at them to avoid hitting them. ARGH! Why does car searching have to be so stressful? Wish me luck, Bunny Fans.  

For the time being, please be patient with shipment notifications. Mr. Moons has been shipping orders during his lunch break and doesn't get me the tracking numbers until he gets home from work. We're still sending out Moon Buns on a regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. <3 br="">