Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Month!

Hello Lovies! 

I must admit I've been a terrible blogger lately.  I can't believe there is less than a month before closing Moon's Creations for maternity leave. Be sure to grab your favorites now, because I'm not sure how often I'll get to my studio once my own little Moon Bun arrives. <3

Since our last post, I've added some Manly Moon Buns.

 These Manly Men were inspired by real men in a celebration of their facial follicles.

 I've also added 8 new Octo-buns! Lots of new colors and so squiggly!

 Three Newborn Moon Buns have also been delivered!

 While 3 Owlets have taken up roost. 

 I'm particularly excited to finally offer these beautiful amigurumi bonsai trees. They were featured at last year's Plush You show in Seattle and are now available for purchase directly at Moon's Creations!

 Each tree is custom made to fit inside a vintage ceramic and feature clay Moon Bun stick pins that can be repositioned. 

For more information about any of these new pieces, please click the image!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's a pony weekend!

 This weekend, I thought I'd make some ponies! I haven't made any in a while and to be honest I've been watching a little too much My Little Pony lately. 

I wish they'd release the old series. I remember the episodes always seemed to be two-parters and I only got to watch them when I was home from school, so I always missed the continuation. 

 I'm especially excited about this little unicorn pony. Rainbow hair!!! *swoon*